Friday, September 25, 2015

October News

October is almost here! The children have made a terrific transition to fourth grade!

In language arts we are finishing The Grand Escape. For the next two weeks the students will be reading books independently and producing their first book reports of the year. Writing workshop time has been a favorite period of the day for many students. They have produced paragraphs and creative pieces. Next Tuesday the students will take the spelling test from Unit 3 of our book.

We will soon begin to work on a multiplication unit in math. Students will be multiplying numbers through the thousands by one-digit numbers, and will also find the products of two two-digit numbers. We will review the multiplication and division facts. Thank you for the practice you are providing your children. The IXL website will soon be available for independent math practice.

Our first large unit in social studies has dealt with the New England states. We have been studying the history and geographical features of this part of the United States. I have been impressed with the students' ability to efficiently find main ideas and important details in the material they have studied. They have also used websites and atlases to complete maps of the New England states.

Ms. Keepers is team-teaching with me in science, as we study static electricity and circuits.

Next Thursday and Friday, October 1 and 2, are set aside for parent-teacher conferences. I have found it helpful in terms of goal-setting to have the children attend their conferences. Of course, if you would prefer to only meet as adults, that would be fine with me, as well.

School will not be in session on Thursday and Friday, October 15 and 16, due to workshop days. Halloween is fast approaching! Friday, October 30 is Costume Day. We will have a class party that afternoon.