Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fourth Grade Math Update        abt_us_5.jpg        

In earlier grades, students learned the multiplication tables up to
10 × 10, and the related and division facts. Now, in Chapter 3, they will advance to multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers. Hence, it is a good idea to revisit multiplication and division facts so that students recall them easily. Place-value concepts are used in multiplication and division. When students multiply or divide numbers with or without regrouping, a place-value chart is used to facilitate understanding in the beginning. Students should be able to multiply and divide using the vertical form by the end of the lesson.

Having mastered the skills in multiplication and division, students will apply what they have learned to solve real-world problems. They are also required to apply addition and subtraction strategies. Again, estimation (which students learned in Chapter 2) may be used to check that the answers are reasonable.
*From  the Math in Focus Teacher’s Guide