Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January News

January 18, 2017
Dear Families,

The children returned from Winter Break refreshed and ready to get back to work.  Our schedule continues to be full of projects and exciting events.

We have been reading I Have a Dream: The Story of Martin Luther King.  The students will produce computer-generated timelines of Dr. King’s life, and will complete several comprehension activities. Each student is also creating a picture book based on a classic fairy tale.

We have begun a study of fractions in math.  The students will add, subtract, and multiply fractions. They will also begin to use the concepts of equivalent fractions and simplest form. Along with our Math in Focus textbook, each student has been working in the Key to Fractions Booklet #1. Booklets #2 and #3 are available for children who would like more of a challenge.

In social studies our class has been studying the Mid-Atlantic region. Part of our study requires each student to produce a report on a memorial found in Washington, DC.

We are excited to welcome a student teacher from South Korea, Yeonsun Oh, who will join our class on Monday, January 23. She will spend ten days with us, observing, working with small groups, and teaching several lessons.

Our next fourth grade Leadership Day will be on Wednesday, January 25. The children should wear their navy blue CARE shirts that day.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.