Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday, January 26 Homework

Write a short essay (50-100 words) describing the lessons you learned from studying the life of Martin Luther King.
Time for Kids:  "Shake the Salt Habit"

Laptop work for IXL, Spelling, and Read Theory due tomorrow

** A message from Mrs. Corrigan:

Dear  fourth grade parents~
We have started learning about the artist Alexander Calder in art class, and his use of simple machines to create his world famous Cirque De Calder!  Calder built his circus with many recyled materials and I am encouraging our students to do the same.  We need to collect items to bring in to art class and I am asking for your help with this.  Please keep an eye out for the following items and have your student bring them in next time they have art~  keeping a paper bag near your recyling/garbage area can help in collecting!

toothpicks (clean)
scrap wire
pipe cleaners
old socks
toiler paper rolls
paper towel rolls
scrap plastic
old/broken toys 
wood scraps

And just about any other interesting objects that may be living in your junk drawer, waiting to be released!
I'm including a link to the video we watched in class~  Cirque De Calder~

Do please let me know if you have any questions!