State Project 2017 Requirements

State Project Requirements
Due on May 26; 200 Total Points

____ 1.  Alphabet book of state (25)
____ 2.  Four ten-sentence reports on places to visit (20)
____ 3.  PowerPoint presentation describing your state (20 slides) (20)
____ 4.  Four worksheets: products, government, population, story (20)
____ 5   Book report:  novel or biography associated with your state (15)
____ 6.  “My Favorite State” poster (15)
____ 7.  Oral presentation as a famous person from your state (15)
____ 8.  Twenty-sentence history report (15)
____ 9.  Twenty-sentence inquiry report (15)
____ 10.  Three-dimensional model or display (10)
____ 11.  Graph of high temperatures in your state over three weeks (10)
____ 12.  Source list (10)
____ 13.  State map displaying the locations of eight places (5)
____ 14.  Introductory paragraph (5)

Unless there is an emergency situation, you will be expected to do ALMOST ALL of your state project work at school.  Three parts of your project you may do at home are working on the 3-dimensional model, reading and working on your book report, and preparing your costume for your oral presentation.  Most of our language arts and social studies time during these five weeks will be dedicated to your state project.  Your progress will be checked every day.  If by Friday you’ve fallen behind on your project work in school, a note will be sent home informing your parents that you will need to work over the weekend.  You will also lose points on your project if you are late.  Of course, if you have an excused absence from school you will not lose points.

Deadlines for the state project:
April 28:  Four site reports, products map, government worksheet  
May 5:  Inquiry report, population graph, creative story
May 12:  History report, state map, source list
May 19:  PowerPoint, introductory paragraph, book report
May 26:  State poster, temperature graph, alphabet book, 3D model

You must include a bibliography (source list) on a separate sheet of paper at the end of the written part of your project.  Keep track of the websites, books and other materials you use!

Your PowerPoint must include an introduction slide, slides for each site, your history and inquiry reports. You must also include slides showing at least five state symbols. You may choose the subjects of the remaining slides yourself.

Your project will be presented on a three-sided display board and in a three-ring binder.  Be prepared to tell us about your chosen state (your oral presentation) during the fourth grade “State Fair” on May 31.  You will appear in costume as a famous person associated with your state.

Extra credit work is certainly welcome!  Extra credit work may be done at home, but will be accepted only after you have met your weekly deadlines at school. Examples of extra credit assignments might be another report, a more extensive PowerPoint presentation, an extra book report, or an extra three-dimensional model.

Good luck on your project!  Have fun!